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Throughout its 30 year history the SBN has proudly argued for a fair and economically sound environment in which small business can thrive. We believe strongly that pride-of-ownership leads to a diverse and healthy, locally-driven economy that keeps dollars in San Francisco and contributes to flourishing neighborhoods that maximize quality of life.

We cautiously approach advocacy – not from a contentious right and wrong perspective – but with collaborative and reasoned problem-solving. A SBN delegate maintains a one-on-one relationship with each Supervisor.

Issues change and convolute constantly. Currently the SBN is working with the Mayor's office, various Supervisors and other relevant parties to bring focus and optimal outcomes to several critical issues:

  • Soda Taxation
  • Formula Retail Controls
  • Minimum Wage Levels
  • City Purchasing and Procurement Inequities
  • Homeless and Safety Concerns in the 16th & Mission Corridor's and similarly plighted areas city-wide
  • Sunday Parking Fees
  • Fair Hire Ordinance  



Small Business Network
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It's About You

We invite your input and suggestions as we assess these issues.  Meeting your entrepreneurial needs is our challenge.  Contact us, please:

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  • when you encounter circumstances that compromise small business viability

  • with your suggestions for improving  small business opportunity and success

  • to recommend companies - and organizations - that deserve recognition for outstanding contribution to both the small business and San Francisco communities

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